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Robyn talks to her creative friends...

Ariana Salavas has captivated sold out audiences across the country headlining in some of the nation’s poshest clubs like Herb Alpert’s Vibrato in Beverly Hills, Feinstein’s, the Friar's Club, and Birdland in New York, as well as Palm Beach’s Royal Room. Most recently, she performed for Tiffany & Co's annual gala in Palm Beach, FL.  Online audiences have enjoyed watching the saucy debut music video for her original song "One Man Show", as well as her collaboration with the Postmodern Jukebox which reached well over a half million views in merely a couple of weeks time and peaked at #2 on the Itunes Jazz Charts. 


Be sure to catch Ariana Savalas' upcoming show at Spaghettini on July 25 at 8:00 pm.  For more info click here.



ROBYN: How Did You Get Into "The Biz"?


ARIANA: I can’t cook!  


R: Me neither. The best thing I make are reservations... Who Were Your Greatest Inspirations?


A: My parents. My mother is my best friend in the world, and my father is my guardian angel.  In a distant third is Paul McCartney.  And in a very distant fourth is Pumba from the Lion King.   Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase.


R: Worst Audition Experience?


A: I went in for a musical theater audition which was a biography of a famous lyricist.  I got half way through the song and forgot the lyrics…to a song written by the lyricist that the play was about.  So in a panic, I started making up lyrics on the spot to fill the empty space, and if it wasn’t bad enough that I was butchering the lyricist’s work, my new lyrics were absolutely terrible…and then I was so nervous that I dropped half of the lines in the scene following and walked out of the room in tears.  That audition would be hard to beat. 


R: What Song Is Your "Guilty Pleasure"?


A: Ugh, there are so many, and I’m proud to say I don’t feel guilty about any of them.  But I don’t usually invite guests over when I’m listening to Disney soundtracks, re-enacting all of the parts, and crying my eyes out. 


R: What is Your Anthem Song?


A: Let it go!!!!!  By Adele Nazeem


R: "Must Haves" Backstage:


A: Panty hose…four inch heels…champagne…my weiner dog.


R: What One Sentence of Advice Can You Give to Industry Beginners?


A: Having a career is like a good kiss.  It’s best not to be too aggressive, but a little pressure in the right places goes a very long way :)


R: What Has Been Your Favorite Moment on Stage?


A: My grandma Gloria was in town to see one of my shows and had a small stroke.  She went to the hospital just hours before I had to go on stage, but nothing would stop my grandma from seeing my show.  She found a way to have a nurse come with her to see my show and bring her immediately back to the hospital.  So I dedicated a song to her… the first standard I ever learned that she taught me, Night and Day by Cole Porter :)


R: For more informaiton go to:

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