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MARYJO MUNDY was born and raised in Tuscon, AZ. She attended the University of Arizona studying Musical Theatre and the arts. After a stop in Chicago she moved with her husband, comic  Jim Bruce, to LA.


Many of you know Maryjo for her open mic "Mundy on Tuesdays" which she produced for many years at the Gardenia. 


I first heard MaryJo on her "Halfway To Heaven" CD and was (and continue to be) completely blown away by her voice. Gawd, what a voice! To get a copy of her CD click HERE.


I had a chance to catch up with her while rehearsing for her upcoming guest spot on Ken Borden's Soulful Sunday's one year anniversary. Be sure to catch her in Ken's show at Vitellos on the August 31st. Click HERE for tickets.

ROBYN:  How long have you been in  "The Biz"?


MARYJO:  When I was 5 years old I had a solo in our church choir... It was my first standing ovation and I was hooked from that moment on.


R:  Who were your greatest inspirations?


MJ: For performing it would be Streisand, Minnie Ripperton, Carmen McRae and Linda Ronstadt. In life my brother Paul for his courage and my sister Melody for her unwavering love of us.


R:  Worst audition experience?


MJ:  When I was a big girl I had an audition for a commercial where I had to be sitting on a pizza and I had to lift my ass up and the other actor would say “not done yet” that was so stupid and humiliating. 


R:  What song is your "guilty pleasure" song?


MJ: To listen to it would be “Funkytown”, to sing it would be Cher’s “Believe”.


R:  What is your anthem song?


MJ: “There Is Always One More Time” by Ken Hirsh... it is on my CD “Halfway to Heaven” #shamelessplug


R:  Love that song. "Must haves" backstage?


MJ:  “Singers Grace” throat spray, Heroin (just kidding) and my hubby Jim Bruce.


R:  What one sentence of advice can you give to industry beginners?


MJ:  Singing is about listening more than it is about expressing yourself... there is beauty in those quiet moments of connection with an audience... stay present even if there is a piano break... people are still listening to you even if you think they aren’t.


R:  What has been your favorite moment on stage? 


MJ: Singing at the 2009 Special Olympic Opening Ceremonies was a thrill I will never forget... the electricity from that crowd... the applause when I hit the money note... chills up and down my spine. It is what you dream of as a singer... pure ecstasy.


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