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ROBYN: How Did You Get Into "The Biz"?


JOAN: I started acting in high school musicals and was nominated 2nd Most Talented (1st Most Talented ended up being a fertilizer saleswoman).  I graduated high school early to go study at ACT in San Francisco which was a truly thrilling experience - study all day and do shows all night!  After that I moved back to Los Angeles and did "Angry Housewives" with Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding!) - the producers from Saved By The Bell came to see the show and thus began my TV and stage career! 


R: Who Were Your Greatest Inspirations?


J: Well, of course all the great DIVAS!  Patti Lupone, Betty Buckley, Bernadette Peters...also Joni Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt.  I was so addicted to these belters that I earned the title of "Beltaholic" - there's actually an original piece in my show that tells my long, sordid story of my singing addiction. 


R: Worst Audition Experience?


J: One of my first auditions was with "Get Happy" - I was belting the roof tops.  The director kept saying "Thank you.." - I thought he was just being so appreciative and offering kudos to keep going.  Cut to me exiting stage right... confused.


R: What Song Is Your "Guilty Pleasure"?


J: Oh's Britney Spears' "One More Time".


R: What is Your Anthem Song?


J: I would have to say "Meadowlark" from The Baker's Wife.  It is so reflective of my life's journey and I really feel that my creative team (director Andrew MacBean and musical director Todd Schroeder) have given the song a different take, being able to make it my own.


R: "Must Haves" Backstage:


J: Bottled water, apple cider vinegar, hot water and a picture of my family.


R: What One Sentence Advice Can You Give to Industry Beginners?


J: Keep studying. a good mailing list. 


R: What Has Been Your Favorite Moment on Stage?


J: I performed at New York's 54 Below last October for the first time.  The minute I took the stage, I knew it was a perfect experience where everything just fit together.  I took a lot of risks in doing that appearance, and they all paid off - it was such a strong moment.


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