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ROBYN: How Did You Get Into "The Biz"?


SHAWN: When I was 5 years old I got my first gig as a Rodeo Clown. A Clown, trying to impress his overweight Mother-In-Law (also a clown) invented a shrinking machine to help her lose weight. He swore it would make her thin. She steps into the machine and we switch clothes and at 5 years old and 40 pounds wet, I begin to chase my "son in law" around the arena hitting him with my purse. The 5000 seat stadium erupted and I was hooked ever since. 


R: Who Were Your Greatest Inspirations?


S: My greatest inspirations are my parents. I have like 9 of them at this point, lol. But seriously, they are all such wonderful people. They really are awe inspiring. They've all accomplished such amazing things in their lives and they truly showed me that ANYTHING is possible. 


R: Worst Audition Experience?


S: I've never had one. I LOVE auditioning! It's like my favorite thing! Sometimes I like the audition more than I like the job. There is this feeling in the air of total anticipation and hope and I love the feeling of nailing it. Even when I don't nail it, it's still pretty awesome. In those moments something brand new is created and the Casting Director is the first person to witness it - it's exciting!  


R: What Song Is Your "Guilty Pleasure"?


S: There are SO many of these for me! I do enjoy a good Patsy Cline medley but if I had to pick one song it's Laura Bell Bundy's version of "Legally Blonde". I usually just lip sync it while cleaning the house. And yeah, so what if I end up in front of a mirror and get one single tear to fall. It's only awkward when the UPS man happens to knock on the door at that exact moment. He's probably like, "that guy is ALWAYS crying...and cleaning." 


R: What is Your Anthem Song?


S: Anything by Dolly Parton. She is one of the few singer/songwriters who actually believes every word she sings. It's very inspiration to listen to. I especially love "Light of a Clear Blue Morning." 


R: "Must Haves" Backstage:


S: Green M&Ms and Lemon Perrier - DAMNIT! Totally kidding again. I have no needs backstage. Maybe some bottled water. Oh, and heroine. Almost forgot the heroine.


R: What One Sentence Advice Can You Give to Industry Beginners?


S: Keep a good mailing list. Your fans from the first day will be your fans on the last day.Also, never call them fans. Call them supporters or even better, friends. Cause chances are - they will end up being there for you a lot! 


R: What Has Been Your Favorite Moment on Stage?


S: To this day - my favorite moment is when I was doing an 11pm show in New Orleans and right before I went on stage, the stage manager said "there is a 5 year old in the audience!" I had no idea what to do. I played it SO clean, until I saw her and then I began to cuss. Like, way more than a sailor. I think there were actually sailors there who left when I began to uncontrollably cuss. Anyway, I apologized to the audience by saying, "Sorry folks, I'm not Mary F*#@ing Poppins!" The audience gasped, held their breath, and the 5 year old lost it! I've never heard someone laugh that hard. Then the audience fell out, as well. It was a wonderfully bonding moment but also super scary. That is what performing is all about to me. Living on the edge and having the audience push you right over. I LOVE a live audience! 



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