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Reflecting on Easter and all things Ringo

As Easter weekend (and my Son's spring break) come to an end I'm relaxing reading the cover story of the current issue of Rolling Stone about Ringo Starr's new album (even tho the photo looks more George Michaelesque than Richard Starksky). Sorry Ringo.

Ringo just released a new album, "Postcards from Paradise", with his All Star Band and will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this summer with Paul McCartney speaking. And Linda Ronstadt thought she waited a long time.... less I digress.

I grew up listening to the Beatles. They really hit my radar in the second grade when they were turned into a cartoon. (I just checked on Wikipedia and indeed I was in the second grade). People who know me know I'm a Monkee fan but the impact of the Beatles on the American music scene was never lost on me.

My best Beatles story comes from Dr. Mun's music history class in college. He started class one day by baiting us with the question, "Who will be the Mozart's, the Bach's and the Beethoven's of your generation? Who are the prolific songwriters of your time?"

Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Barry Manilow, Freddie Mercury, Joni Mitchell, Carole King and James Taylor were all blurted out but we all agreed simulaniously that the Beatles (and more specifically the Lennon/McCartney songs) would define our generation.

We were right. Sort of...

Here's the link to the Rolling Stones article:

After reading the article I found myself at my computer playing the snippets of Starr's new album on iTunes. Which, is pretty great and makes me yearn for a vinyl LP complete with jacket notes and real artwork (I have an LP player at my house).

I then started to listen to Ringo's greatest hits album. He has had quite a career apart and aside from the Fab Four. I find myself singing "Photograph", "It Don't Come Easy", "No No Song"... the guy has over 20 hits on his own.

And then I listened to "Never Without You" which, is a tribute to bandmate George Harrison. Nostalgia sets in and I start to cry. And I start to think....

Who will define my Son's generation musically? It don't come easy...

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