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What happens at 3 a.m.

Interviewing Jo Anne Worley at the Gardenia for the Billy Barnes Documentary project.

Well, it's three ayem and I'm up. Again. It is happening a lot lately. Probably because my plate is so full I can only get my brain to turn off for a couple of hours at night. Usually around three I start thinking, "I need to email that person, I need to follow up on this, I need, I need, I need..." I probably need more sleep.

Tonight I realized that I haven't blogged a lot recently. And I've had such an interesting few months. I've starting interviewing people for the Billy Barnes Documentary. Jo Anne (pictured above) brought her fickle finger of fate award for me to see.

Billy recorded a CD titled "Billy Barnes DIVAS", I've interviewed most of them and there was not a diva in the group. Each and every person I've interviewed so far has been so open and so warm and so interesting and so charming I could write paragraphs. But instead I'll finish the documentary.

I've started writing a musical with two brilliant songwriters and I end up talking too much in the sessions. I do that when I get nervous. I hope they keep me. Note to self: write more music and talk less.

I'm still trying to stay in front of the club crowd so they don't forget me and attempt to attend as many shows of freinds as I can. I live south of town so the drive can be, well, you know...

I started a new CD in November of 2014 and only four tracks are sort of done to date. A very successful career for my musical director has slowed production and he has been out of pocket for the better part of a year. So I'll have a new CD coming out.... well, when I get it done.

Then there's my personal life. Last August my husband and I found our dream house. So my personal life has been filled with two mortgages, negotiating, moving, staging, and more negotiating. I actually like negotiating so I swear I'm not complaining - much.

And then there's the fact that my son graduates from high school in a couple months and I will be faced with being an empty nester in the fall when he goes to college. I think this is why I am up at three.

Maybe it's good practice so I can stay up late and go to a show every night. Maybe it's good practice so I can make an early call for the documentary shoot. Maybe I should take more afternoon naps.


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